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Adjustable Productions has teamed up with Kunaki.com to provide an innovative way for fans in North America to get hold of the “The Angel and Daniel Johnston – Live at the Union Chapel' using their 'manufacture-on-demand' system.

Please read the information below prior to ordering to find out more about the North American release.

Click here to order the North American NTSC Region 0 Release from Kunaki.com

What is the difference between the European the North American releases?

The content between the two versions is almost identical. Every part of the North American version has been rendered from the original project timeline directly into the NTSC television format.

This is disc as it arrives in a plastic wrap:

Kunaki manufactures each unit on demand in their specialised facility based in New York. Their fully automated process takes secure payments, and then uses an industrial system to put the film onto a high quality DVD-R. This is then surface printed in full colour with a glossy finish:

It is then inserted into a standard DVD case with a full colour cover before they package it and courier it to your address via your chosen method of delivery. Kunaki deliver to most places in the World.

The final product looks much like any other retail DVD. For the casual observer, the only real differences between the two releases will be in the inlay (which in the North American version shall be a single one-sided sheet, the remainder being reproduced in the DVD menus), and the colour of the under side of the disc, which shall be purple.

Our partnership with Kunaki allows us to make the film available to many of Daniel’s fans who are unable to play the European version. We hope fans will treasure this release and that it will bring them viewing pleasure for many years to come.

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